Hotdogs as big as a baby’s arm, MasterClass and get offline

Listen to… get a masterclass on edutainment, hustle to 8 figures and do some marketing in the offline world.


Making Millions off an Email Newsletter?! Sam Parr from The Hustle Tells All
51 mins

Do you subscribe to The Hustle? If not, you’re missing out on a fantastic daily newsletter. A well written, and often funny, digest of what’s important in the world. Take a look at

I’ve been a subscriber since Sam Parr, the founder, flipped the business model from a blog to focus on email. It’s been an impressive 3 year journey to become an 8 figure business.

My First Million is a podcast from The Hustle team and in their third episode Shaan Puri interviews Sam – From hotdog stand as a student, “Southern Sam’s: Wiener’s as Big as a Baby’s Arm”, to building one of the biggest daily email newsletters in the world.

If I could only listen to one podcast this week, this would be my choice. 

3 lessons…

  • Constant forward movement opens up opportunities (but you need to be willing to hustle)
  • Don’t build your business on someone else’s platform (eg Facebook). Build your own and use other platforms. But don’t completely rely on them.
  • Simple business ideas make money. You don’t need to overcomplicate things.



MasterClass Co-founder & CEO David Rogier on shaping the future of online learning
49 mins

You’ve probably seen a MasterClass advert. For a while on Facebook it was every other ad on my feed.

Despite their best targeting efforts, I’ve never signed up – surprising, because I’m a sucker for online courses 😄

But, I’ve always been intrigued by who founded this business and how they get celebs onboard. 

In this interview on This Week In Startups, David Rogier (co-founder) tells all.

3 lessons…

  • Finding a way to get a high end celebrity involved with the project acted as leverage to get others onboard. On a smaller scale, how could getting a “celeb” in your industry as a user / client be leverage to get further dream clients?
  • David had an investment of $500K to choose one of his business ideas. Pretty much a blank canvas to do anything. But it was only when he applied constraints that he was able to focus in on the right business to build. Constraints encourage creativity and force the need to make decisions. If you have constraints use them to your advantage. If you don’t, put some in place. 
  • Have a mission above and beyond the need to build financial value. That will keep you moving forward.


Don’t forget the offline world

How to Win Your Clients in Bulk
24 mins

Just because everyone’s doing digital marketing, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to get new clients. Even for digital products and services.

Instead of shouting at the top of your voice in the hyper competitive online space, going offline to find new business could be an easier option. 

Jeanna Pool, a marketing expert and author, is interviewed on this episode of Duct Tape Marketing.

This one is for the agencies or solo consultants. But… if you’re starting out with any business and need those first customers onboard, you’ll get something out of this podcast.

3 lessons…

  • Doing local, physical, in person seminars (or whatever you want to call it) can have a higher ROI than digital marketing. You only need to get a handful of potentials clients in a room and demonstrate that you know your craft.
  • Look for niche conferences. They’re probably much smaller and less expensive than the big events but you’ll have less competition and more opportunity to talk one on one with people who need your services.
  • Face to face selling is the most effective way of selling. It’s the fastest way to build trust with someone.


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