Harrison Rose – Paddle

In 2012 Harrison Rose co founded Paddle, a subscription platform for SaaS. He was 17.

Last year, Paddle hired 100 staff and was one of the fastest growing software companies in the UK.

Now at the grand old age of 25 he tells his story on the Founder Coffee podcast. 

3 lessons…

  • Believe in the pain you’re solving. Start the project because you believe in what you’re doing and it will help drive you forward. It’s clear that Harrison is passionate for fixing a problem he saw in the market.
  • No matter how big you are, resources are always tight and should focus on the highest impact activities (and it doesn’t matter how big – I worked in a company of 100K people and resource was always constrained 😞).
  • In dealing with problems: Flip problems on their head and celebrate the fact you found something that needed fixing and have the opportunity to make it better. Don’t get consumed by all the fires that will need putting out.


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