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You’re Not too old to start, audience to software, 9 figure nutrition

Listen to… turn an audience into a $1M+ software business, learn from the humble beginnings of a $100M empire and get Bob Iger on speed dial…

Never too late to start

Entrepreneurship as a Second Act w/Gwyneth Paltrow
41 mins

Despite Gwyneth Paltrow being far from a “normal” place when she switched to entrepreneurship, this episode of Masters of Scale is worth a listen if you’re unsure about starting your own thing. Especially if it’s coming later in life after a different career path.

When I say far from normal, not everyone can call up Bob Iger to pick his brains 😂

“So I said, I wonder if I could get Bob Iger on the phone. He’s also been very generous, when I can squeeze him for an hour or 15 minutes here and there. I think you just have to be scrappy, and try.

3 lessons…

Lot’s of good stuff in this one but here’s 3 that resonated with me:

  • Don’t wait for permission, just start. You won’t know 100% of what you’re doing when you start – that’s just the way it is. You won’t figure it out by not starting so do it anyway. Very Seth Godin.
  • Ask for help. Goes hand in hand with the above – you don’t know everything. Seek guidance from others who’ve done the things you want to do. 
  • Experiment with everything and then double down on what works. Not only for product but all aspects of your marketing and operations.


An accidental YouTube audience

WordPress freelancer builds $1M business in 6 months
65 mins

Adam Preiser walks through his journey from accidentally starting an audience on YouTube to building a software product for that audience (CartFlows – WordPress plugin for sales funnels)

My first listen of Freelance to Founder and it was the kind of story I like – real people finding gaps in the market and developing content and products to fill it.

3 lessons…

  • You don’t need to have completely new ideas for products – there’s huge value in being able to take something complicated that’s already out there, and simplifying how to use it.
  • If you’re going to do video, put your face on camera. Deep down people want to connect with other people. I guess this applies to any kind of content you put out there.
  • Build an audience. It will make it exponentially easier to launch a product when it’s ready.


From newsletter to 9 figures

Inside Dr. Josh Axe’s $100 Million Nutrition Business
41 mins

Dr Josh Axe turned the pain of poor health in his family, into a passion project to share his ideas on online. Starting with a simple newsletter written for his patients, he built a $100M nutrition business empire.

Short founder story on The Mike Dillard Podcast with tips useful for businesses of any size.

3 lessons…

  • If you’re going to create written content, make every piece a masterpiece. Make it the best article in the world on that topic. That’s how to get some love from Google.
  • Sell someone else’s product first before launching your own. Learn the market needs and the gaps before investing in your own. True for physical and digital.
  • When you do launch, presell before investing in manufacturing (or creating digital products). Make sure it’s viable. And the upfront cash will help the financials.


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