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Thoughts on Funding Options for Bootstrappers with Rob Walling

The Tropical MBA Podcast

The TMBA team talk with Rob Walling (co-founder of Drip, host of Startups For The Rest Of Us) about his new accelerator for startups, TinySeed.

Why should you listen?

Interesting to hear Rob’s views on venture capital and where his new project, TinySeed, fits into the startup ecosystem.

3 lessons…

  • If you’re giving up equity for cash, also look for deals that include mentorship, network access and technical help.
  • Believe in your product but never let your ego get so attached that you can’t pivot when you need to.
  • Going for VC funding isn’t for everyone (and VC’s don’t want everyone) but some capital injection can ease the pressure to get things built, without giving too much of your business away.


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