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The power of when, micro famous, bootstrapped funding


This was supposed to go out yesterday but life got in the way. Sorry!

Podcasts for your listening pleasure. Listen if you want to…

  • Leverage the timing of when you do tasks to be more awesome at life
  • Learn how to get micro famous
  • Consider getting investment in your startup


Perfect timing

The Tony Robbins Podcast: Timing is everything | Daniel Pink on the best time for meetings, taking breaks and creative breakthroughs
41 mins

What’s it about?

Interview with bestselling business and “human behavior” author, Daniel Pink.

Dan has a new book out “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” and talks about how timing impacts the way we work.

On a side note, I’m a bit disappointed that Tony Robbins isn’t doing the interviews on his own podcast. Guess he’s busy?

Why should you listen?

The timing of when you do things affects how well you do those things. According to science.

Use the insights in this episode to leverage the time of day where you are most effective.

This is worth listening to whether you’re a full on entrepreneur, just starting out or still in your 9-5 and want to perform at a higher level.

3 lessons…

  • 20% of the variance in job performance can be explained by the time of day a task is being done.
  • Everyone follows a cycle of Peak > Trough > Recovery. Do analytical, head down work in the Peak. Admin work in the Trough. Brainstorming and creative work in the recovery
  • If you can nap in the day (beneficial) keep it to 10-20 minutes. Longer than this takes you into sleep inertia – and you get that horrible groggy feeling when you wake up.
  • And drink a coffee before you nap

Building a business when you have no time

The Smart Passive Income Podcast: How to Build a Business You Enjoy Even with Little Time
1 hour 5 mins

What’s it about?

Pat Flynn interviews Dana Malstraff of Boss Mom. They talk about building a business when you don’t have time, especially if you have a family, and some cool tips on building your own following when you’re just starting out.

Why should you listen?

I’ve got a soft spot for Smart Passive Income podcast – It’s one of the first podcasts I ever listened to back in 2013. I remember hammering through the archives on a long drive down to Italy for a business meeting and starting to get that feeling that corporate life wasn’t for me anymore.

The podcast still has that feel to it and can see why Pat has soooo many followers.

I liked this episode as there’s good discussion around building your business when you have family and when you’re short on time. And I like the ideas around how to start an online following.

If you’re feeling like it’s impossible to stand out in your market then you should get some inspiration to move forward.

3 lessons…

  • Get micro famous in other people’s communities before taking the jump to build your own
  • Involve your family in your business. Make it part of the quality time with you spend with them – it’s a good education for kids helps the internal battle of how to balance your time
  • When you’re starting don’t approach it like, “Wow, there’s so many people out there that are better than me,” you approach it like, “Oh my god, there’s so many people out there that have so much knowledge and experience, I’m gonna take in everything I can, learn from them, learn what they’re doing, learn how I can differentiate myself, connect with those people so that I can carve out a space for myself.”


The Tropical MBA Podcast: TMBA480: Thoughts on Funding Options for Bootstrappers with Rob Walling
55 mins

What’s it about?

Switching gears to the topic of bootstrapping and investment… The TMBA team talk with Rob Walling (co-founder of Drip, host of Startups For The Rest Of Us) about his new accelerator for startups, TinySeed.

Why should you listen?

Interesting to hear Rob’s views on venture capital and where his new project, TinySeed, fits into the startup ecosystem.

3 lessons…

  • If you’re giving up equity for cash, also look for deals that include mentorship, network access and technical help.
  • Believe in your product but never let your ego get so attached that you can’t pivot when you need to.
  • Going for VC funding isn’t for everyone (and VC’s don’t want everyone) but some capital injection can ease the pressure to get things built, without giving too much of your business away.

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