The Copycat Content Crisis

Ever noticed that the top 10 search results in google all kinda look the same?

There’s a reason for that and if your content strategy is to rank in search, you’re part of the problem.

The team from Animalz discuss the issue of copycat content in their latest episode.

3 lessons…

  • SEO agencies / SEO strategies try to use a scientific way to achieve a goal. It’s not about creating unique content, it’s about analyzing what already ranks and emulating that. The process is backward looking.
  • The tools on the market bias you towards tried and tested techniques (eg Brian Dean’s skyscraper). That’s ok until everyone is doing the same thing and trying to outdo each other. It trashes the reading experience in pursuit of the search result.
  • “For people to care about you and what you do, you have to raise your hand and say we’re a little bit different from what else is out there.”


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