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Solving simple problems, Win at SEO, Listening to your audience

Listen to find out how to win in search in 2019, take a small idea to build an international business and lessons on asking what your customers want.

Listen to your audience

Success is Solving Other People’s Problems
65 mins

Big fan of the Tropical MBA Podcast – it always feels down to earth. Real people building businesses without all the answers.

This episode features John Ainsworth, CEO of Data Driven Marketing, who has 10 years experience of going it alone. He was campaigns director for Sport England but, after reading 4 Hour Workweek, he decided to do his own thing.

John talks about his journey,  the mistakes he made and the insights he’s gained.

3 lessons…

  • Listen to your customers – trying to force your mission upon them is a lot harder than solving their problem in the way they want.
  • If you want to find out what problems your market has, and will pay you to solve, talk to them. Don’t spend time developing new products or services because you “think” your market needs it.
  • Think less about specific goals (eg hitting a defined revenue amount) and more about getting the processes right (eg SOPs, hiring the right people, onboarding clients, etc). If you nail the fundamentals, you’ll get success.


How to think about organic traffic in 2019

The Secret SEO Strategy that 2x Atlassian Organic Traffic from 4M to 8M
58 mins

Great interview with Kevin Indig, VP of SEO at G2. He gives some actionable advice on how to get success in Google search results. And has the credibility to back it up having worked for eBay, Pinterest, Atlassian and G2.

Kevin explains the “Microsite 2.0” strategy he used to double organic traffic at Atlassian and a better way to think about keyword research.

Not the usual “do keyword research and write a 5000 word definitive guide”.

3 lessons…

  • Build out silos of related content on your website that focus on solving specific problems for your audience. Google is going to see you as an authority on those topics and visitors are going to stick around – take them on a journey with your content.
  • Don’t just do keyword research – really think about the problem someone is trying to solve. Think beyond the first search term through to what they will do next. Create content that answers all their questions.
  • Don’t be overly reliant on Google search traffic. Google is transitioning more and more to answering questions directly in the results. The searcher doesn’t need to leave Google at all.


From illegal downloads to international cyber security business

How One Small Idea Became Malwarebytes
29 mins

Inspiring to hear how Marcin Kleczynski took a simple problem (how to get rid of malware on his family computer) and turn it into a business with 750 employees and 60,000 enterprise customers.

Like with most successful founder stories I listen to, they solve a clearly defined problem.

3 lessons…

  • Steal ideas. Don’t reinvent the wheel. It’s likely your problems have already been solved by someone else. 
  • Don’t compete head on with the big players in your market – look for the gaps that they are missing or “augment” their services with your solution.
  • Build a team of people around you who share your vision. And learn to delegate decision making. If you don’t, your time will quickly get consumed.


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