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Sales in a Bootstrapped SaaS with Louis Nicholls

This episode gets into the detail of why sales beats marketing at the early stages of your startup. And how to go out and sell.

Bootstrapping SaaS podcast is a new discovery and this interview with Louis Nicholls felt like listening to a real sales strategy meeting. Not an interview.

3 lessons…

  • Don’t focus on marketing in the early stages. Focus on sales. Why? Because sales gives you important feedback, immediately, on what you’e doing. It’s a conversation. Marketing isn’t. The person on the receiving end of your marketing can hit the back button and you’ll never know why. You need scale to get meaningful data from marketing. And at the early stage of a bootstrapped business, you don’t have the money to buy that data.
  • For this reason, don’t do recorded demos of your product. Even for a low price point. The feedback you get from a demo is important. You can use it later to create the perfect recorded demo.
  • Having an opinion that differs from everyone else can help you stand out in a crowded market. Putting yourself out there will attract people who want to stand with you.


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