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SaaS without subscription, productivity tips, better UX for less churn

Listen to… improve churn rates with better UX, get productivity tips and look at SaaS pricing differently…

Not everything needs a monthly subscription

Jack McDade of Statamic
52 mins

The Product Business is a new podcast that I recently discovered.

More technical discussion than others that I’ve shared before. But it’s worth the listen for the discussion on the software pricing model that going against the masses by not being subscription based.

3 lessons…

  • Just because every new software has a monthly subscription model, doesn’t mean it’s the right way to price yours. In Statamic’s case the subscription model didn’t fit with who was using the software or how they were using it. Majority of customers were freelance developers who weren’t going to maintain subscriptions for sites they had built and moved on from.
  • But that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity for subscriptions on top of the core product. Statamic is beginning to offer more premium support for a monthly fee.
  • Online where the product isn’t tangible, you need a strong brand that can invoke emotion and connection. Have fun with it šŸ˜„


Fighting churn

Jinny Oh (Wandr) – How product strategy and UX design impact churn
45 mins

Interesting chat about user experience (UX) and how it can drive churn. 

Jinny Oh runs a product and UX design agency, and offers her insights on this episode from the ChurnFM podcast from years of experience working with SaaS companies.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • Onboarding is always the biggest problem in SaaS companies. Companies either don’t have any/enough or it’s too complicated. Look for the friction in your onboarding flow and focus efforts to improve.
  • User experience isn’t only about the product. It’s every interaction a user has with your business and the people in it.
  • Know and understand your existing long term users before making any huge changes in UX design – the current scenario may not be perfect but those users have found ways to deal with it. A change for them could mean a lot of effort in relearning the product.


The productivity life

Paul Minors – Tools And Strategies To Be Ultra Productive Every Day
65 mins

I like to occasionally drop a productivity focused podcast in the email. Gets me thinking about what I’m doing (or not doing) so hope it does the same for you.

Paul Minors is an Asana and Pipedrive specialist as well as productivity blogger, and drops some good tips in this interview onĀ Hustle & Flowchart podcast.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • Use time blocking to get a view of what you can realistically cross off your task list. Work from your calendar and not your task list. Doesn’t have to be rigid – move things around as life gets in the way of a perfectly planned day. And remember to include some “white space” as buffer.
  • Learn how to use tools to set up automated workflows (for personal stuff as well as work). This is a note to self more than anything – Zapier can do amazing things, use it. TextExpander also sounds like a huge time saver for writing.
  • Use the 4Ds for inbox management (email and life’s inbox). For everything that comes in you can decide to Do it, Delegate it, Drop it or Defer it.


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