SaaS without code or validation, keeping it small, crazy growth

Listen to… learn how to build a SaaS without validating the idea, get huge growth in a saturated market and find success by starting small and not quitting…

Marketing by example

Quick Chat with Harry Dry of Marketing Examples
28 mins

I’ve been following Harry Dry and his site, Marketing Examples, for a few months. He’s growing fast and doing an amazing job of documenting the journey. He’s also kindly sharing his tactics with others 🙌

This interview on Indie Hackers is a nice summary of what he’s done to get where he is. 

3 lessons…

  • Harry aimed small and didn’t have huge money goals. This meant he could start immediately. He didn’t need to spend months building a product before launching. Start small and iterate on feedback.
  • Figure out how to stand out when posting on social (or places where your audience hangs out). Example… Harry spends an hour or more repurposing his articles for Twitter. He gets great engagement and has quickly built his followers. Why? Not only great content but he’s presenting it in a way that nobody else is. It stands out.
  • You don’t need more advice. The internet is already full of every conceivable piece of advice. To succeed, work on fundamentals like discipline, patience, being a decent person. Keep going, don’t quit and everything will fall into place.


Learning to SaaS

From Getting Fired to Building a $10K a Month SaaS Business
44 mins

Fascinating story of how Reilly Chase built a SaaS to $10K a month without doing any customer validation. And he learnt to code on the fly. 

A dose of determination and a bit of luck in this episode of The SaaS Podcast.

3 lessons…

  • Reilly’s MVP was a WordPress site with a bunch of plugins to connect it all together. Not knowing how to code shouldn’t be a barrier to getting something into the market. There are ways round it for your first versions, especially with the current no code movement. And if you can be super clear about you need, you hire freelancers without a big budget.
  • Don’t try and launch too many products. Your time will split too thin to build any momentum. Focus on one thing at a time (something I need to learn 😄)
  • Getting seed capital doesn’t need to be about the cash – although it acts as a safety net. Backing from Earnest Capital gave access to experienced mentors.



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Crazy growth

How ActiveCampaign Grew Over 600% in 3 years
37 mins

In this episode of DigitalMarketer, Jason VandeBoom and Adam Johnson from ActiveCampaign talk about the crazy growth they’ve experienced in the last few years.

Learn how they overcame the challenges from that growth and what they do to keep customers up front and center.

3 lessons…

  • Know your industry / space. Add value beyond the product that you’re selling into it. In a crowded market like marketing automation, you have to find ways to stand out.
  • ActiveCampaign do things that, on paper don’t make sense – free migration, onboarding support, strategy sessions. It’s expensive but it clears the barriers to get their tech implemented and adding value as fast as possible. 
  • Giving this time to customers has a byproduct of better understanding of what to build and how to bring it to market.


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