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Passion is overrated, death of search, customer experience

Listen to… learn about Slack’s obsession with customer experience, find out what to do after the death of search and not worry about passion for your product…

Passion isn’t enough

Why Passion Is Overrated When It Comes To Starting Companies, Why VC Is Overrated As A Financing Mechanism & Why You Should Never Sell Your Company
31 mins

Waseem Daher is the co founder and CEO of the bookkeeping startup Pilot. He’s a a serial entrepreneur with 15 years experience and 2 prior companies (exited) under his belt.

In this interview on The Twenty Minute VC, Waseem shares his insights on entrepreneurship.

3 lessons…

  • Passion for the thing (accounting in Waseem’s current company) is not necessary. And passion alone won’t get you through the difficult times. Better to be passionate about talking to people, understanding their problems and building something to solve it.
  • Waseem sees a lot of entrepreneurs making the mistake that they think they know the market already. They plow ahead without talking to people first or running any experiments.
  • If you’re looking for funding, don’t think of it as transactional. You’re giving up a seat on the board so think of it as a long term relationship. You need to be able to work together.


Death of search

The Past, Present and Future of SEO
52 mins

Have you seen the animalz blog before? Great writing about content marketing and definitely worth checking out.

They also have a content marketing focused podcast and, if search traffic is important for you, this episode about the state of SEO is recommended listening. 

It’s getting harder to get ranked in Google – here’s why and what to do about it.

3 lessons…

  • Google is changing. They’re answering more queries directly on the results page so there’s no need for someone to visit your site. Clickthroughs for search have been falling for the last couple of years. Expect this to continue.
  • Ways round this include producing content for the long tail with in depth solutions to problems. Not a topic that can be displayed and answered in the Google feature box. It’s harder work than in the past but you’re also creating a library of content that shows you’re the go to place for answers.
  • Build communities or (carefully) tap into existing ones. Building strong relationships with potential customers can lead to higher conversion rates compared to unqualified search traffic. 


Focus on the customer

Slack’s Lane Collins on radical convenience in the customer experience
27 mins

Is your business focused on customer experience? It’s right at the top of the list for Slack.

Lane Collins, Slack’s head of customer experience, explains what they’re doing in this interview on the Inside Intercom Podcast.

It’s not just for tech unicorns – customer experience *should* be priority in any company. As it’s often not, it can be a differentiator from your competition.

3 lessons…

  • Don’t underestimate how negative a bad support experience can be for your relationship with the customer. It’s high up on the reasons why people walk away from doing business with companies.
  • Slack aren’t (yet) focused on automating their interactions with customers. They’re focused on one to one connections and baking it into the prices charged. They can scale the support function. It’s a better experience than automated solutions. 
  • Put the effort into any support documentation you create. It should be able to answer most questions your customers have. Keep it up to date, make it useable, and easy to find. It may take some upfront investment but can pay back in less support tickets raised.


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