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Overnight success, passion for product, racehorses


Hope your week’s going well. I’ve got 3 great podcasts for you.

Listen if you want to…

  • Figure out if passion for your product really matters
  • Scale faster with self liquidating funnels
  • Get better results from your marketing agency


Paid ad success

Scale or Die: #04: Brian Moran’s secret to paid traffic and massive growth at SamCart
30 mins

What’s it about?

Brian Moran tells the story of shifting his business from selling info products to creating a checkout software that filled a gap he personally experienced in the market.

Then he turned his new software (SamCart) into a $1M business overnight.

Why should you listen?

Listen to hear how SamCart’s sales funnel from paid ads is set up to profit immediately. Before a prospect even signs up for a free trial of the software. Brian can keep pumping money into ads and build a user base for free.

I don’t think there are many SaaS businesses doing it like this? Clickfunnels has massive success doing it this way.

3 lessons…

  • Figure out a way to breakeven on ad costs before you offer your core product. It’ll give you the cashflow to scale fast.
  • If you want an overnight success, you need an audience of raving fans already in place.
  • If your paid ad channel isn’t working for you, it’s your fault – change your offer, messaging or targeting

Does passion matter?

The Brand Builder Podcast: Do You Need To Be Passionate About Your Product?
30 mins

What’s it about?

Co-hosts Ryan Daniel Moran and Max Kerwick give their answer to the question “Do you need to be passionate about your product to build a brand successfully?”

Why should you listen?

It’s a common question when people are going through the process of looking for a business idea. Do you go with passion or do you hunt for the opportunity? If you’re stuck with this, the episode will help you think about it in a different way.

Spoiler alert: you need some passion for something but it doesn’t have to be the product.

Although the podcast is more focused on ecommerce, the lessons and thinking apply to any type of business.

3 lessons…

  • You can run for a few years on the excitement of opportunity and growth, but when it starts to suck, you’re going need to be passionate about something in your business. Otherwise you’ll quit or feel trapped.
  • If you can’t get passionate about the product then get passionate about the customer. See customers as people and not sales.
  • Brands are becoming more valuable / important than ever – and it’s the people and the story driving this. Not the product on the front end.

Own the racecourse, not the racehorse

Perpetual Traffic: Episode 188: James Schramko on How Businesses Can Work Best With Agencies
43 mins

What’s it about?

The story of James Schramko’s journey to being a high performance business coach having done a bit of everything in digital marketing along the way.

Why should you listen?

Chances are you’re going to use a specialist digital marketing agency in building your business. James has built agencies in the past and has some great tips for getting the best out of those relationships.

3 lessons…

  • Show your agency what an ideal customer looks like. Use a case study.
  • Clients who get success from agencies share how their business works, the numbers in their business and make it easy to work with decision makers (not committees).
  • Own the racecourse, not the racehorse. A more general piece of advice – don’t be reliant on a single platform, build your own platform and diversify your income streams. You never know when the rug is going to get pulled on you (FB page reach for example).

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