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Content marketing results, beat distraction, build systems

July 16, 2019

Listen to… beat distractions, systemize your business and figure out if your content marketing is positive ROI… Does your content work? Content Marketing Week: Evaluating Your Content Performance21 mins Everyone is pumping out content of one form or another but is it doing anything for your business? How do you know? This episode of MarTech Podcast features Robert…


Hotdogs as big as a baby’s arm, MasterClass and get offline

July 12, 2019

Listen to… get a masterclass on edutainment, hustle to 8 figures and do some marketing in the offline world. Hustle Making Millions off an Email Newsletter?! Sam Parr from The Hustle Tells All51 mins Do you subscribe to The Hustle? If not, you’re missing out on a fantastic daily newsletter. A well written, and often…


You’re Not too old to start, audience to software, 9 figure nutrition

July 6, 2019

Listen to… turn an audience into a $1M+ software business, learn from the humble beginnings of a $100M empire and get Bob Iger on speed dial… Never too late to start Entrepreneurship as a Second Act w/Gwyneth Paltrow41 mins Despite Gwyneth Paltrow being far from a “normal” place when she switched to entrepreneurship, this episode…


B2B on FB, use Amazon’s marketing strategy and survive the downturn

July 2, 2019

Listen to… recession proof your SaaS, use Facebook to sell B2B and be more like Amazon… Be like Amazon The Nuts and Bolts of Persuasion with Bryan Eisenberg51 mins Want to apply the strategies that have made Amazon successful? Stephan’s guest, Bryan Eisenberg co wrote Be Like Amazon and talks through some of the techniques used by…


YouTube flywheels, effective outreach, and less marketing automation

June 28, 2019

Listen to warm up your cold outreach, get traction on your YouTube videos for more leads and balance automation with the personal touch… Warmer cold outreach Effective Outbound Prospecting31 mins Maybe it’s the bubble I’m living in but it feels like cold outreach is a big thing right now. Could be the wave of affordable…


Sumo surgery, life after funding and network like an introvert

June 25, 2019

Listen to learn what it’s like when your startup gets funded, hear some advice to grow a museum tour business, and get some tips on networking when you’re an introvert. Sumo surgery Business Case Study: Growing Museum Hack Past $3 Million57 mins Noah Kagan (Sumo, Appsumo)  is trying a new approach with this episode of…


Solving simple problems, Win at SEO, Listening to your audience

June 20, 2019

Listen to find out how to win in search in 2019, take a small idea to build an international business and lessons on asking what your customers want. Listen to your audience Success is Solving Other People’s Problems65 mins Big fan of the Tropical MBA Podcast – it always feels down to earth. Real people…


Startup Remix is now Podboxer. And some podcast recommendations

June 17, 2019

Startup Remix is now Podboxer Startup Remix is relaunching as Podboxer and we’re gonna start hitting the 2 emails per week with podcast recommendations. I’ve had some great feedback on the service and it’s time to put down other projects and focus on this. I won’t bore you with an in depth discussion on the reasons for…


The power of when, micro famous, bootstrapped funding

February 23, 2019

Hey, This was supposed to go out yesterday but life got in the way. Sorry! Podcasts for your listening pleasure. Listen if you want to… Leverage the timing of when you do tasks to be more awesome at life Learn how to get micro famous Consider getting investment in your startup Enjoy.Paul Perfect timing The Tony…


Overnight success, passion for product, racehorses

February 16, 2019

Hey, Hope your week’s going well. I’ve got 3 great podcasts for you. Listen if you want to… Figure out if passion for your product really matters Scale faster with self liquidating funnels Get better results from your marketing agency Enjoy.Paul Paid ad success Scale or Die: #04: Brian Moran’s secret to paid traffic and massive…