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SaaS without subscription, productivity tips, better UX for less churn

August 20, 2019

Listen to… improve churn rates with better UX, get productivity tips and look at SaaS pricing differently… Not everything needs a monthly subscription Jack McDade of Statamic52 mins The Product Business is a new podcast that I recently discovered. More technical discussion than others that I’ve shared before. But it’s worth the listen for the discussion…


$150K with no landing page, Reddit for marketing, perfect buyer personas

August 15, 2019

Listen to… use Reddit for marketing (if you dare), build up revenue before you build a landing page and find out what makes your buyers tick… Potential buyers are avoiding you How to Create 100% Accurate & Detailed Buyer Persona51 mins Do you understand your customers?  Louis on Everyone Hates Marketers thinks that marketers and founders struggle…


Passion is overrated, death of search, customer experience

August 13, 2019

Listen to… learn about Slack’s obsession with customer experience, find out what to do after the death of search and not worry about passion for your product… Passion isn’t enough Why Passion Is Overrated When It Comes To Starting Companies, Why VC Is Overrated As A Financing Mechanism & Why You Should Never Sell Your…


Journey to Shopify, beyond growth hacking, Netflix and chill

August 9, 2019

Listen to… go beyond growth hacking, learn from Netflix and follow the journey from snowboards to Shopify… Billion dollar software Shopify: Tobias Lütke67 mins Tobias Lütke is the co founder and CEO of Shopify, an ecommerce platform with over 800,000 customers and annual revenues of $1 billion.  In this interview on How I Built This, Tobias…


Customer focused CRO, pre launch ads, early growth

August 6, 2019

Listen to… use FB ads for pre launching a product, get early stage growth on a budget and think about your users before your start optimizing. Customer centric optimization 😄 How GetUplift Uses Psychology, Persuasion and Emotional Targeting to Increase Conversion for SaaS44 mins Talia Wolf runs conversion optimization agency GetUplift. In this interview on SaaS Breakthrough she talks…


Evaluating ideas with YC, poo empire, feedback framework

August 2, 2019

Listen to… learn about an empire founded on poo, get structured feedback on new products and evaluate ideas VC style… Back to school Startup School Podcast Preview with Kevin Hale (evaluating ideas)27 mins Y Combinator’s startup school kicked off on 22nd July and they’re putting out all the lessons as podcasts / videos over here. Whether you’re taking…


Mental models, convicted entrepreneur, email flights

July 30, 2019

Listen to… find cheap flights for 1.5 million subscribers, understand mental models and learn from a 5 time founder with a record. Police chase to entrepreneur From a convict to 5-time SaaS entrepreneur: the story of Dan Martell44 mins When a guest on a podcast starts his origin story talking about being high, drunk driving…


Creating awesome products, CRO and perfect pricing

July 26, 2019

Listen to… optimize conversions on your site, get your pricing point at the right level and learn from a master product creator… King of product creators Finding Success by Working on Things That Matter with Hiten Shah69 mins Hiten Shah is a prolific creator of products – more than 30 to date. And 5 of…


Digital marketing like Taylor, human copywriting, ecommerce email lists

July 23, 2019

Listen to… make human connections using your copy, launch like Taylor Swift and build massive ecommerce email lists. Crowdfunding aquarium How To Build A Huge Audience For Product Launches49 mins An ecommerce podcast (but relevant to other types of business). On this episode of Brand Builders, the guest is Kevin Liang. He is the founder of…


Growing Buffy, sales storytelling, Instagram for growth

July 19, 2019

Listen to… learn sales storytelling from the FBI, use Instagram for growth and scale an ecommerce business Fast growing comforters The Power of Paid Social: How Blew Up43 mins If you use social media in the US, you’ve probably seen an advert from Buffy. They sell eco friendly comforters (kinda like duvets) and have…