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The Mom Test with Rob Fitzpatrick
55 mins

In this interview on Bright & Early, Rob Fitzpatrick, the author of The Mom Test, talks about validating product ideas. Specifically, the mistakes people make and what to do about it.

It’s not the first time I’ve recommended a podcast with Rob as the guest but I can’t avoid people talking about how his book is a must read. 

3 lessons…

  • You can ask people questions, get positive answers and still fail anyway. Because you asked the wrong questions. Entrepreneurs focus too much on their idea and turn it into a pitch instead of probing into the life / pain of the person they’re interviewing.
  • Validation research is not meant to be a perfect science. It’s about finding a balance between certainty and building something on a foundation of more than zero insights. You can still fail. But better not to fail for something that you can avoid by spending a morning talking to real people.
  • Don’t go into an interview with a list of structured questions. It’s too rigid. Have 2 or 3 questions to get things moving.



Personal Branding: How to Successfully Build Your Brand
47 mins

It’s never been easier or more important to build a personal brand.

The tools to amplify your message are available and inexpensive. And competition in every market means standing out can make the difference to being successful or not.

In this episode of Social Media Marketing, Rory Vaden intros what a personal brand is, and then runs through parts of his framework for creating your brand.

3 lessons…

  • A reason to build a personal brand – People do business with people, not companies. 
  • Having a personal brand doesn’t mean you have to become an author, or do video, or be a speaker or become a guru. It’s about driving awareness for the things you do everyday.
  • The starting point for figuring out your personal brand is a simple question with a one word answer: “What problem do you solve?” Most people are going to struggle with a single word – I love how this requires focus and clarity.



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Getting funded

Inside TinySeed with Bryan Marble from ClientRock
40 mins

Interesting conversation about what it’s like to go from bootstrapped to funded as part of an accelerator. 

Both the host of Rogue Startups (Craig Hewitt) and the guest Bryan Marble are in the same cohort of Rob Walling’s TinySeed fund. 

3 lessons…

  • You don’t need to be a subject matter expert in a niche. There’s a lot of opportunity in taking your expertise in technology and applying it to a niche that is underserved in that way. You still need to research and figure out the problems that need solving and how to talk using the language of that niche. But being an expert isn’t required.
  • If you have the opportunity to take funding, need to ask yourself if you’re emotionally capable of taking the money. It means more responsibility which can result in more stress.
  • Don’t build your business on your own. There’s no trophy for succeeding alone.


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