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Mike Arce, CEO @ Loud Rumor on the Scaling Effect of Niching Down | Podboxer Skip to content

Mike Arce, CEO @ Loud Rumor on the Scaling Effect of Niching Down

The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Mike Arce built a fitness marketing company with 500+ clients by becoming an authority / celebrity in his niche.

Why should you listen?

An example of importance of niching down to something you have expertise in and/or are passionate about. And how that can jumpstart your business to take off.

Also get some great tactics for content marketing strategies and using social platforms for distribution (organic and paid).

3 lessons…

  • Produce content for your clients (not just for lead generation). Builds more credibility and trust with your existing customer base which helps increase your LTVs.
  • Learn from your clients. Spend time with them, interview them. Doesn’t matter if you’re an agency working one on one or have a SaaS. There’s always things to learn from customers.
  • When scaling up, hire leaders – you can’t manage everyone yourself and small issues will quickly consume all your time.
  • Build an email list right from the beginning – you want to convert paid and earned traffic into traffic you own (bonus additional lesson)