Jinny Oh (Wandr) – How product strategy and UX design impact churn

Interesting chat about user experience (UX) and how it can drive churn. 

Jinny Oh runs a product and UX design agency, and offers her insights on this episode from the ChurnFM podcast from years of experience working with SaaS companies.

3 lessons…

  • Onboarding is always the biggest problem in SaaS companies. Companies either don’t have any/enough or it’s too complicated. Look for the friction in your onboarding flow and focus efforts to improve.
  • User experience isn’t only about the product. It’s every interaction a user has with your business and the people in it.
  • Know and understand your existing long term users before making any huge changes in UX design – the current scenario may not be perfect but those users have found ways to deal with it. A change for them could mean a lot of effort in relearning the product.