It is the best of times for SaaS, what could go wrong?

the SaaS Revolution Show

Is the SaaS market saturated?

What happens when we hit the next recession?

I don’t want to end this issue with a downer but Rory O’Driscoll (partner at Scale Venture Partners) offers some thoughts about what might be on the horizon for SaaS markets and what to do about it.

3 lessons…

  • Try to develop software that is used in core business processes (eg accounting systems, CRMs). It’s hard to replace. If you’re integrated into 2 or 3 other systems, it’s unlikely you’re going to churn even in a down market.
  • If you have a “nice to have” product, create a “must have” product that you can sell to the same customer base. Nice to haves are the first to be axed in a downturn.
  • Target customers that are recession proof. 


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