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Growing Buffy, sales storytelling, Instagram for growth

Listen to… learn sales storytelling from the FBI, use Instagram for growth and scale an ecommerce business

Fast growing comforters

The Power of Paid Social: How Blew Up
43 mins

If you use social media in the US, you’ve probably seen an advert from Buffy. They sell eco friendly comforters (kinda like duvets) and have grown to a multi million dollar business in the last 2 years.

This interview on Ecommerce Influence with co founder Shoaib Kobani gives the lowdown on how they got started, and what they did to get massive growth.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • When you’re searching for a product to sell, pick a category that’s been ignored. Read the reviews of products that already exist to find out what’s missing in the market. In Buffy’s case, this meant entering a smaller market but one with a lot of opportunity.
  • In ecommerce, don’t send your ad traffic to the homepage or a product listing. Set up specific landing pages for each campaign. When you do this, you can keep a congruent experience through the funnel (and more likely getting the purchase)
  • Know your numbers. Real, deep understanding. When you do, you know where the levers are in your business to accelerate growth.


Let me tell you a story

Close The Sales Gap Through Stories with Dr. Mark Goulston
36 mins

When you’re building your business you’re in sales.

Whether you’re getting new clients, pitching for funding or hiring an employee, you’re selling yourself and your products. And a great way to sell is to use stories.

In this episode of The Successful Pitch, sales and storytelling expert Dr. Mark Goulston, explains why stories work and gives some useful tips.

On a side note, loving the intro describing him as “an influencer who helps influencers become more influential”. Meta. šŸ˜‚

3 lessonsā€¦

  • We remember stories. We connect with them. We understand them.
  • People have to be able to see themselves in the story to be able to answer the question “will this work for me?”
  • When you’re pitching anything, your audience is listening to find out 3 things: Can they trust you, can they have confidence in you and can they respect and admire you.


Instagram for social selling

Simple Instagram Selling Strategies Working TODAY with Craig Ballantyne
53 mins

Finishing off this edition with some Instagram tips from Craig Ballantyne (coach and author) interviewed on the Art of Paid Traffic.

Some simple ideas that could apply to selling anything on Instagram. And to be honest, relevant for any social platform. 

3 lessonsā€¦

  • When you get DM’s from prospects, think of it as a funnel. Pre qualify people with questions and steer them in the right direction.
  • Think about the day of the week before you make posts or stories. What’s the conversationĀ in your prospects mind on a specific day? Tailor your content to enter that conversation. Not all days are the same.
  • FollowĀ the VPS formula for anything you post – it needs to be Valuable, Purposeful and Shareable. If it doesn’t fit the formula, it’ll do nothing for you.


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