From Day Job to Productized Service to Fast-Growing SaaS as a Non-Technical Founder

Craig Hewitt is a podcaster, founder of a productized service that produces and edits podcasts AND he built a SaaS that hosts podcasts and reports analytics 😲

In this interview on Startups For the Rest of Us, he talks about the bittersweet outcome of having a successful service business (ie more volume = more work). And the challenges of being a non technical founder.

3 lessons…

  • Doing things in public creates opportunity. If you don’t know what to build, then write. Or do a podcast. Or a YouTube channel. Or become active in a community. When you’re out in the open the thing you need to build will come to you.
  • Work in the same space / on the same thread to build domain knowledge. It’s a superpower for understanding what your customers want. Craig has worked through most aspects of podcasting and is his own customer.
  • For non technical founders it can be difficult to communicate what you want with the dev team. It’s important to have clear, predictable roadmaps to prioritize work.


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