From a convict to 5-time SaaS entrepreneur: the story of Dan Martell

the SaaS Revolution Show

When a guest on a podcast starts his origin story talking about being high, drunk driving and chased by the police with a handgun in his bag, you know it’s worth a listen.

Dan Martell is a driven entrepreneur who, after turning his life around, has gone on to found 5 companies and successfully exit from 3 of them. 

In this interview on the SaaS Revolution Show, Dan shares his journey from almost game over to successful, in demand, coach for SaaS founders.

3 lessons…

  • The inspiration for (most recent exit) came from solving his own problem – setting up a way to automatically contact people who were looking to him for advice. It’s a theme that comes up over and over, the seed of the idea comes from a real problem that the founder has.
  • Who not how. Connecting with the right people will make the difference in your business. “You get in a room of other peers and a lot of heavy lifting takes care of itself”. But you have to do this consistently.
  • Create assets in the business e.g. a blog. If you’ve got a firehose of traffic coming at you, you can point it at anything. 37 Signals / Basecamp had a blog with 50k uniques per month before they launched a SaaS. It makes it a lot easier to get the first revenue and feedback.


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