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Profit from the background

Jonathan Perichon, Checkr
30 mins

Code Story is a new podcast interviewing technical founders about how they got started. Although there’s more tech chat than some other podcasts I recommend, the stories also zoom in on the business side of growing a startup.

Worth listening to even if you don’t know much about how to code 😎

This episode features Jonathan Perichon, founder of background check startup, Checkr. 

3 lessons…

  • Seeing a far from perfect process in Jonathan’s day job was the spark that started Checkr. A common theme of founder stories in this newsletter is either finding problems in their personal life or in their 9 to 5 job. Rarely were they seeking problems to solve.
  • Being in the right place at the right time can have a huge impact on success or failure. In Checkr’s case, the gig economy was starting to take off so their solution was in demand.
  • Quote at the end of the podcast “Go as fast as you can without causing pain in the product. Know what corners to cut and be ok with not being 100% perfect. Evolve with customer feedback – customer validation is more important than perfect.”


It’s all about control

Build Micro-Marketing Into Your Business
46 mins

WordPress developer, podcaster and coach, Jason Resnick interviewed on the Hack the Entrepreneur podcast. 

Amongst other things he talks about the ups and downs of going it alone and keeping a steady flow of clients.

3 lessons…

  • Always keep your “why” up front and center. It will get you through the tough times. Side note – if you dig deep enough, most entrepreneur’s “why” is to have control over their life.
  • For deciding which new ideas to pursue, Jason makes a note of an idea in his journal. Then if the idea comes up again, he goes back to it and adds a tick mark next to it. He’ll keep doing this until there are a few tick marks against it and only then start looking into next steps. 
  • Do the work and teach it. Don’t only teach. Jason realized he was an expert in his field and was able to show others how to deal with the obstacles he’d faced. So he started teaching. But he kept grounded by continuing to freelance as well.


Warming up cold outreach

The Email Sequence That Alex Berman Uses to Book Sales Calls With Billion Dollar Brands
35 mins

Alex Berman’s agency (X27) gets leads for clients with billion dollar companies. In this interview on Inbound Success, he walks through his process and examples of copy used in cold outreach emails.

The techniques are as valid for smaller B2B clients as they are for the big Fortune 500s.

3 lessons…

  • Build up case studies in a specific vertical / niche. It’s much easier to get bigger clients when you’ve got a track record of working with companies like them. Also make sure that you tailor any webpage to their industry. Don’t use the generic homepage lander.
  • The level of personalization needed isn’t easy to scale. So you should be selling something over $1000 to make it worthwhile. 
  • Testing is critical. Keep testing subject lines and copy. Even when you’ve found a good open and reply rate, you could do better. So keep testing.


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