Founder at 17, telling a story to stand out, best customer experience

Listen to… start thinking about customer experience, tell your strategic story and learn how a 17 old started a SaaS subscription platform…

Founder at 17

Harrison Rose – Paddle
40 mins

In 2012 Harrison Rose co founded Paddle, a subscription platform for SaaS. He was 17.

Last year, Paddle hired 100 staff and was one of the fastest growing software companies in the UK.

Now at the grand old age of 25 he tells his story on the Founder Coffee podcast. 

3 lessons…

  • Believe in the pain you’re solving. Start the project because you believe in what you’re doing and it will help drive you forward. It’s clear that Harrison is passionate for fixing a problem he saw in the market.
  • No matter how big you are, resources are always tight and should focus on the highest impact activities (and it doesn’t matter how big – I worked in a company of 100K people and resource was always constrained 😞).
  • In dealing with problems: Flip problems on their head and celebrate the fact you found something that needed fixing and have the opportunity to make it better. Don’t get consumed by all the fires that will need putting out.


Customer experience reality

4 Things EVERY Customer Wish You Understood About Them w/ Michael Redbord
40 mins

Mike Redbord of Hubspot joins Ethan Beute on The Customer Experience Podcast.

Customer experience can make or break your business. Especially in a crowded market where there are many options, instead of you. 

Mike and Ethan talk about what customer experience is, the trust gap and steps to raise your customer experience game. And a lot of other tips.

3 lessons…

  • Customer experience is the reality of any one given customer experience. Using reality in the definition is important because the customer’s reality is their reality. Their perception is their perception. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not.
  • Today, you don’t have control over your brand – customers define it. There’s too much readily available, 3rd party information out there for you to control. 
  • Build a culture of sensitivity to the customer experience as you grow. All roles touch on the customer experience even if not customer facing.



Can Podcasting Help Your Business Grow?
25 podcast hosts discuss the benefits of podcasting and how they measure their results.

Featured companies include: Reboot, Earnworthy, CoSchedule, Buffer, Leadpages, Foundersuite and more. 


Why Category Creators Need Strategic Stories w/ Andy Raskin
41 mins

Storytelling has become an overused marketing buzzword. But what does it mean and why should we even think about stories?

This interview with Andy Raskin on B2B Growth hits home how stories are becoming a key to standing out from the competition. And how to start thinking about the story your business needs to tell.

3 lessons…

  • Markets are crowded. There are now 5 to 10x more competitors when you launch compared to 5 years ago. Barriers to starting up have disappeared. With so many competitors, customers are getting tired of being bombarded with “we’re the best at X”. The only true differentiator is a compelling story.
  • When telling the story, you tell it from the perspective that the change has already happened. “Everyone is already thinking or doing X so here we are to help you do X too. Don’t get left behind.”
  • Storytelling isn’t a marketing thing. It should be set and pushed by the CEO. It’s the only way to turn it into the DNA of the company. “If you don’t have a well thought out clear story, you don’t have a well thought out clear strategy.”


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