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Email is far from dead

Why the Future Is Still Email
35 mins

Calls for the death of email come and go (from marketers jumping on new platforms) but it’s still very much here. An article on Hubspot suggests email is even gathering steam – 99% of consumers check their email everyday.

Whether you believe email is on the way out or not, today it’s still one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. (You’re reading this 🙌)

In this episode of Copyblogger, Brian and Darrell talk about the benefits of email and how businesses are missing the opportunity.

3 lessons…

  • Elevate email to the value proposition. What does this mean? Well, most businesses are using email as a marketing tool – putting prospects through funnels and using email as a tool to convert to purchase. But people don’t want marketing. They want media. So make the email the thing that people want. Make it into a publication, an extension of your blog or a course. 
    • An additional point: It doesn’t matter if you’re selling SaaS, physical product, service, digital courses, etc. Email can be more than an onboarding or conversion tool.
  • List size is irrelevant if the engagement is minimal. Engagement doesn’t mean open rates. It’s also clicks, replies, forwards, sharing with others. 
  • Segmentation and personalization is the holy grail of marketing (for now) but even when you’re not “marketing” to your audience, you can still personalize the message. The tools coming onto the market are powerful and affordable. Your subscribers are unique individuals, so talk to them that way.


Tropical surgery

The Entrepreneur Disease
71 mins

Another one of Noah’s deep dives into the current challenges of another business.

This time it’s Dan Andrews from the awesome Tropical MBA podcast talking about (lack of) prioritization, shiny object syndrome and scaling a new revenue stream.

This is a conversation rather than an interview with Noah giving Dan very direct advice (they’re good friends in real life). 

There’s a lot in this and hard to get down to 3 takeaways. I enjoyed it for the way the business ideas came together through the episode.

3 lessons…

  • Interesting (and obvious when you hear it) that the Tropical MBA / Dynamite Circle brand holds them back. It doesn’t sound or look like a high end, “real” business community. It is exactly that. The lesson is, brand matters. Dan actually believes members hold back sharing the community because of the brand.
  • When building new products, Noah always tries to consider a recession. What will people / businesses still need in a downturn? 
  • It all boils down to how you can help people achieve their goals using your unique way. 



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Better proposals

Adam Hempenstall | Business Proposal Trends in 2019
35 mins

Whether you’re running a service business, freelancing or doing consulting work to keep the lights on whilst coding that killer app, you’re going to send a proposal to a prospect.

This episode of the Sales Evangelist is an interesting interview with Adam Hempenstall (runs Better Proposals) on what prospects want from a proposal.

3 lessons…

  • Nobody wants PDF documents. The web is being designed “mobile first” and nobody wants to pinch and zoom their way through a proposal in a PDF document. A proposal needs to be as accessible as your website.
  • Speed matters. Proposals sent within 24 hours perform better than a normal 2-3 days. It’s ok to sacrifice perfection for speed. 
  • Boilerplate doesn’t work. You need to understand your customer’s needs and the outcomes they looking for. Then communicate that in your proposal.


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