Dinner party for onboarding, blog for success, email is back

Listen to… get back into email marketing, blog your way to fortune and use a dinner party to fix onboarding…

Emails at dinner?

The “Dinner Party” Email Strategy That Increased Conversion by 209%
53 mins

Val Geisler is the “Email Marketing Queen”.

With a list of big name SaaS clients in her portfolio, she’s an expert on using email for onboarding and churn reduction.

In this interview on Growth Marketing Today she shares her best tips. And the “Dinner Party” strategy for building out your onboarding sequences to increase paid conversions. 

3 lessons…

  • The purpose of onboarding is to create a new habit with your users – the habit of using your product. You can’t do that only in app. It needs to take place in the inbox where they’re already spending time. So don’t shy way from sending emails.
  • But… don’t send emails full of features. You’ll scare the user away. Get an understanding of why they hired your product. What’s the job to be done. Focus on helping them get to the solution, the “aha” moment. Don’t overwhelm the user telling them everything your product can do.
  • Question to ask yourself when thinking about churn – “If we had no new customers coming in the door, how would we grow? How would we help grow our customers?”


10x content pays

50,000 Dollars a Month From One Blog Post?!
56 mins

I’ve followed Ryan Robinson’s blog for a couple of years and love his content. He’s done amazingly well at growing his site and making a healthy income off it. 

A talented writer, working a day job for companies like Close.io and building his own blog as a side project.

He tells his story on the always awesome Tropical MBA Podcast.

3 lessons…

  • Ryan achieved high search rankings in a competitive space. Not only his talent but he put in a lot of work over a few years to build the credibility of his blog. Good quality content that other sites wanted to link to. Made it a lot easier to get traffic volumes for more competitive search terms. You got to put in the work up front.
  • Process for finding the right content to create – have brilliant idea, check Ahrefs (or your favorite keyword tool) for volumes, analyze who competitors are and where they get their backlinks from. Then, write great article, reach out to who’s linking to your competitors and get linked as well. Simple 😂
  • Despite the direction Google is going in (answering queries on the results page), content on a blog is still a viable way to get traffic for long, in depth, useful pieces. For many industries outside of the internet marketing niche, there’s a lot of opportunity because the competition is weak. Writing a single 10x piece of content could bring in a lot of business.


Email is back

The Next BIG Thing for Marketers Is . . . Email
22 mins

An epiphany from Pat Flynn on the Smart Passive Income podcast. Email is back.

It never went away. But now the free rides on the social networks are over, email is seeing a spike in popularity.

3 lessons…

  • The algorithms of social networks are getting in the way of you, and the people who held up their hands to see your stuff. Organic reach is crazy low. Google also changing the way it’s keeping people on Google with answers in results. Email is the only thing you have control over. Email is the way round the walled gardens of social. It’s your own walled garden.
  • You’re still not going to reach everyone. But that’s on you – need to step up and send emails that people want to read, ones that they can’t wait to receive and will complain if they’re late.
  • Use segmentation with tools like Rightmessage (or hack your own process together) to get the right content out to the right people. Make it feel personal to each subscriber.


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