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Digital marketing like Taylor, human copywriting, ecommerce email lists

Listen to… make human connections using your copy, launch like Taylor Swift and build massive ecommerce email lists.

Crowdfunding aquarium

How To Build A Huge Audience For Product Launches
49 mins

An ecommerce podcast (but relevant to other types of business).

On this episode of Brand Builders, the guest is Kevin Liang. He is the founder of ADI Ventures. They manufacture and sell EcoQube, an aquaponics aquarium system.

He built a 125K email list from Kickstarter campaigns which resulted in a successful launch.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • Saw a complicated problem is his day job (working in an aquarium store) and created a simple solution. Problems worth solving are often right in front of us. And there’s always money in simplifying current solutions.
  • Use your network to start building your email list and first customers. Ask for referrals. Then expand into paid ads and viral giveaways. But make sure you’re structuring your offers and prizes to attract the right kind of subscribers (ie the ones that are actually going to buy).
  • Even if you already have a brand and cash in the bank, doing crowdfunding campaigns should be a no brainer. You validate your ideas, get cash via preorders and de-risk the process of launching a product.


The most important business skill?

The Art of Conversational Copywriting
47 mins

Nick Usborne has been copywriting since 1979 šŸ˜²

So he knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. 

In this interview on Unemployable, he talks about being human in the way we communicate with clients and customers. Bringing authenticity to our copy and how to do that so it feels real.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • The way to sell anything is through emotion. Not logic. Logic is what we use to justify our emotions.
  • When researching for copy, look for the emotion and look for the language used. Hanging around on social media and forums is a better way to research than with surveys.
  • In marketing / sales funnels, don’t over automate your communications. Inject some realtime messages as well. Make it clear that there’s a human who cares about the audience and the product. Hard to do this with full automation. 


Digital marketing for music

Here’s How Rick Barker Launched Taylor Swift’s Music Career on Social
49 mins

Bit of a curveball. But I enjoyed listening to this interview with Rick Barker on Perpetual Traffic.

Rick has gone from being homeless and strung out on crack cocaine, to launching Taylor Swift’s career, to now teaching digital marketing to the music industry.

My favorite podcast episode this week.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • You don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room. You only need to be able to ask the right questions. And then do something with the answers.
  • Show up everyday, provide value. Do it consistently and you gain credibility. If you can do this, all traffic starts off warm.
  • You have the power to connect with anyone at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to make direct connections.


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