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Customer focused CRO, pre launch ads, early growth

Listen to… use FB ads for pre launching a product, get early stage growth on a budget and think about your users before your start optimizing.

Customer centric optimization 😄

How GetUplift Uses Psychology, Persuasion and Emotional Targeting to Increase Conversion for SaaS
44 mins

Talia Wolf runs conversion optimization agency GetUplift. In this interview on SaaS Breakthrough she talks about her customer centric approach to optimization. And how that differs to the normal ways of doing things.

Although on a “SaaS” podcast, this episode is relevant to any type of business.

3 lessons…

  • Conversion optimization isn’t about changing elements on a page – it’s about solving people’s problems. Do that by understanding the people behind the screen
  • Think about your audience and what led them to your landing page. Why are they searching for the solution? What were they doing right before they started searching? Understand that and you can make choices about copy, images, color, etc.
  • Basic UX principles go a long way to helping the user find what they need on your site.


Free conference tickets

How to Learn and Adapt As a Non-technical Founder With Darren Chait from Hugo
39 mins

We had Dan Martell in another recent issue so, if you’re not a fan, sorry!

Escape Velocity is Dan’s new(ish) podcast that I discovered last week.

He interviews Darren Chait from Hugo (connected meeting notes software) about the trigger for them to pivot and early stage growth.

3 lessons…

  • Is there something you do internally in your business that would be valuable to other companies? Hugo pivoted because of a clever way they solved an internal problem. Is there untapped potential under your nose?
  • When you’re new, get involved with other early stage startups. Being featured as a partner or getting case studies and blog posts written about you can be good free press.
  • Speaking at conferences is a great way to score free tickets to the conference. But you’ll need to work your way up to the big stages. Start with the small local ones and build your conference resumé. Film the talks – even if small unknown conference, it’s still content to use in marketing.


Pre Launch

The Pre-Launch Facebook Ad Strategy, with Rick Mulready
48 mins

The latest episode of Online Marketing Made Easy has Amy Porterfield discussing Facebook ads with expert Rick Mulready.

They’re focused on pre launch strategies, mainly digital courses (that’s both their business). But, the ideas are transferrable to selling anything. And not only with Facebook ads – other paid traffic sources would work as well.

3 lessons…

  • In the run up to your launch you should be producing content and ads that are addressing objections you expect people will have about the product. 
  • Ask “what do I want them to be thinking when I launch the product?” and use content and ads to bring them to that place.
  • Use pop up Facebook groups to build a community and engagement before launch. Use the call to action on ads and content to join the group. Then do video lives and content in the group to create a warm audience.


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