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Content marketing results, beat distraction, build systems

Listen to… beat distractions, systemize your business and figure out if your content marketing is positive ROI…

Does your content work?

Content Marketing Week: Evaluating Your Content Performance
21 mins

Everyone is pumping out content of one form or another but is it doing anything for your business? How do you know?

This episode of MarTech Podcast features Robert Rose from the Content Marketing Institute and wraps up a week of content focused podcasts. 

All are worth listening to (all available on the same link) but evaluating content jumped out at me as a topic many businesses would be interested in.

3 lessons…

  • If you treat content the same as an ad, it will not perform as well. It’s expensive and is a longer term investment model.
  • Think about how you monetize the 85%+ people who consume your content but will not become customers – can they give you reach beyond what you can do on your own (by sharing)? Can they be used for lookalike audience advertising? The more people in your audience, the more possibilities for something to become viral.
  • What’s the focus of your content? What are you trying to accomplish? You need to understand this before you can measure success. Don’t produce content just because you can, or think you should.


You need processes to grow

How to Connect People, Process and Systems to Scale Your Agency
46 mins

I found The Agency Profit Podcast last week and thought this was an interesting episode to share. 

Scott Gellatly, from Scale My Empire, helps agencies build out their systems to increase profitability and scale. If you’re running an agency and starting to feel like control is slipping away, this would be a good starting point to find a fix.

3 lessons…

  • The entire section on metrics (from approx 34 minutes)
  • Mistakes most SME’s make is not having any processes documented or, if they do, they aren’t shared and they aren’t baked into the software used to drive the business.
  • A systemized business that doesn’t rely on the owner is more valuable and more saleable. The asset in the business should be the system, not the people.


Just one more distraction

How to Get Unhooked and Become Indistractable
52 mins

It’s rare I share productivity and time management podcasts. Mainly because the tactics are all very similar.

But I included this episode of Can I Pick Your Brain? because it’s good to have an occasional reminder of the core to getting stuff done.

You’ll get some helpful tips from Nir Eyal to build some defenses against distractions. And he knows what he’s talking about – Nir worked in video games and advertising where he used psychological tactics to distract you.

3 lessons…

  • Devices and their apps are *designed* to distract you. They are literally out to get you –  playing games, checking every ding, scrolling aimlessly, watching cat videos, etc.
  • But, there’s nothing wrong with spending time on social media, Netflix, YouTube. As long as you do it with intent. On your terms, understanding the opportunity cost.
  • If you don’t plan your day, you’ll never beat distraction. A todo list is only the start – you got to schedule everything you’re going to do into your calendar.


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