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Charlie Munger’s Mental Models


I’ve seen a few posts about mental models recently but not spent the time to dive down the rabbit hole. This article has been on my reading list forever.

When I saw this podcast from Rocketship.fm, I thought I’d see what all the *hype* is about.

Interesting stuff. They take excerpts from a Charlie Munger speech back in the 90’s and explain how to use a handful of his mental models.

And if Charlier Munger isn’t a familiar name to you, he’s Warren Buffett’s business partner.

3 lessons…

  • Mental models are concepts to simplify the world around you. Things proven to be true in the way the world works.
  • When you understand a mental model, you can use it to try and take the bias out of your thinking. It allows you to take a step back and see the world through a different lens / perspective.
  • We get persuaded by marketers using these models. And we can use them ourselves to do the persuading. But use them for good, not evil 😄


If it’s something you want to know more about, Rocketship.fm released a second podcast on the topic called Mental Models for Product Managers

I also believe they’re planning another one for leaders.