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Podcasts about using Paid Traffic

The Pre-Launch Facebook Ad Strategy, with Rick Mulready

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The latest episode of Online Marketing Made Easy has Amy Porterfield discussing Facebook ads with expert Rick Mulready. They’re focused on pre launch strategies, mainly digital courses (that’s both their business). But, the ideas are transferrable to selling anything. And not only with Facebook ads – other paid traffic sources would…


How to Grow Your SaaS Startup with Facebook Ads

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The SaaS Podcast Most people associate Facebook ads with promoting B2C products. But it can also work surprisingly well in B2B markets – as you’ll hear in this interview with Aaron Zakowski, owner of a SaaS marketing agency focused on using Facebook advertising. It’s not as easy to promote B2B…


Brian Moran’s secret to paid traffic and massive growth at SamCart


Scale or Die Brian Moran tells the story of shifting his business from selling info products to creating a checkout software that filled a gap he personally experienced in the market. Then he turned his new software (SamCart) into a $1M business overnight. Why should you listen? Listen to hear how…


What’s Working (And What’s Not) In Facebook Ads with Amanda Bond

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What Works Amanda Bond always talks a good game about what’s working (and what’s not) in Facebook advertising. I’ve followed her for a few years and love the enthusiasm and the honesty. That comes across in this interview about where Facebook advertising is headed in 2019. And includes a few…