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Case Study: Building a video platform startup


Interesting founder story with Sean Higgins who cofounded VidGrid, a tool for schools and businesses to record, edit and manage video content.

VidGrid broke through $1M annual recurring revenue in 2017. Current revenues not disclosed but they’re “doing well”.

Why should you listen?

Useful tips for getting early customers through cold outreach and learnings from the various mistakes that Sean and team made along the way. There are a lot of lessons in this one.

Recommend you skip through Andrew Warner’s ads for stuff – they’re a bit annoying.

3 lessons…

– Don’t pitch in your outreach emails. Share how you helped others in the same industry with similar problems. Key to that is knowing your industry and knowing the pain points.

– Start talking to customers early. Before you even build the thing you’re thinking of building. You need that customer feedback

– Answer 3 questions when selling: Why my product really matters, Why us and not the other guy, Why now and not at some point in the future. If you’re getting objections figure out which Why isn’t being answered and go fix that message.