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Build Micro-Marketing Into Your Business

WordPress developer, podcaster and coach, Jason Resnick interviewed on the Hack the Entrepreneur podcast. 

Amongst other things he talks about the ups and downs of going it alone and keeping a steady flow of clients.

3 lessons…

  • Always keep your “why” up front and center. It will get you through the tough times. Side note – if you dig deep enough, most entrepreneur’s “why” is to have control over their life.
  • For deciding which new ideas to pursue, Jason makes a note of an idea in his journal. Then if the idea comes up again, he goes back to it and adds a tick mark next to it. He’ll keep doing this until there are a few tick marks against it and only then start looking into next steps. 
  • Do the work and teach it. Don’t only teach. Jason realized he was an expert in his field and was able to show others how to deal with the obstacles he’d faced. So he started teaching. But he kept grounded by continuing to freelance as well.


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