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Better Facebook ads, influencer connections, idea validation


If you’ve been subscribed to Startup Remix for a while, you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit inconsistent with sending them out. Apologies for that.

I won’t bore you with details but needed to figure out how to make this work and whether it was something that people really wanted (great podcast below that’s going to help with that!)

From today, the newsletter starts the twice weekly routine for 2019.

Let’s jump in on this wet and wintry Monday. 3 great podcasts for you.

Listen if you want to…

  • Validate a business idea
  • Make an ROI on your Facebook ads
  • Connect with CEOs, celebrities or world leaders


Get out of the building

Everyone Hates Marketers: How to Talk to Customers and Validate Your Business Idea
53 mins

What’s it about?

Interview with Rob Fitzpatrick sharing how to validate your startup idea by having useful conversations with your potential customers.

Rob is a veteran entrepreneur and marketer having run bootstrapped and VC backed companies over the last 10 years. He’s also a Y Combinator alumni.

Why should you listen?

A startup idea that sounds great in your head isn’t always going to be a hit when you put it in front of the market. You can spend months of your time and thousands of dollars to see all your hard work fall flat.

Better go talk to the market first. See what they think and whether they’re prepared to pay for your big idea.

Steve Blank calls it “getting out of the building”.

It’s not always easy talking to potential customers but this podcast will give you some tactics to get you started.

There’s also some good conversation around entrepreneurship and starting a business.

3 lessons…

  • If you’re going to start something, try to serve a market you already understand and already have connections with. It’ll save months of your time.
  • How much do you like spending time with your target customers? You’re going to be spending a lot of time thinking about, and being with those types of people. It’s going to suck if you don’t like them.
  • Look for someone who already has access to customers – an email list or big social following. Working out a partnership will give you a head start


We’re all doing Facebook ads wrong

What Works: EP 175: What’s Working (And What’s Not) In Facebook Ads with Amanda Bond
53 mins

What’s it about?

Amanda Bond always talks a good game about what’s working (and what’s not) in Facebook advertising. I’ve followed her for a few years and love the enthusiasm and the honesty.

That comes across in this interview about where Facebook advertising is headed in 2019. And includes a few rants on why we’re all doing it wrong today.

Why should you listen?

Ask a marketing agency where to get paid traffic and you’ll get a default answer of Facebook. A couple of years ago It was cheap and effective.

But, things are changing… costs are up significantly and it’s getting harder to crack the magic, positive ROI.

Amanda shares the reasons why it doesn’t work anymore (for most of us), and how we can do things differently.

3 lessons…

  • Internet marketers are forcing people through funnels to the detriment of caring about their audience. It’s a sales first mentality when it should be about longer term relationships.
  • “Ads only amplify what’s broken”: If your product won’t sell organically, ads are too expensive to cover the cracks.
  • Stop focusing on cost per lead. Think earnings per lead and you flip your focus to how can we deliver more value to the customer.


Connect with anyone

Business Lunch: Making Connections with Influential People, Mark Anthony Bates
26 mins

What’s it about?

Mark Anthony Bates is an international entrepreneur renowned for his ability to connect with people. He’s sometimes known as the influencer of influencers.

In this interview he shares some simple tips and mindset shifts that will allow you to connect with anyone.

Why should you listen?

Getting connected to the right influencers can give you an unfair advantage. Most of us (especially the introverts like me) shy away from putting ourselves out there. But, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as we think.

This episode has personally given me a few ideas to take forward. And if you need to make more connections (we all do) then you’ll get something out this podcast.

3 lessons…

  • “The less I spoke the more interesting people thought I was”. Ask questions about the individual. Don’t talk about yourself and your new great idea.
  • Always give something before asking. Lead with value. (the law of reciprocity)
  • We overthink things before going to talk to someone influential. Go with an open mind and remember, they are just people like us.


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