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B2B on FB, use Amazon’s marketing strategy and survive the downturn

Listen to… recession proof your SaaS, use Facebook to sell B2B and be more like Amazon…

Be like Amazon

The Nuts and Bolts of Persuasion with Bryan Eisenberg
51 mins

Want to apply the strategies that have made Amazon successful?

Stephan’s guest, Bryan Eisenberg co wrote Be Like Amazon and talks through some of the techniques used by the ecom super giant that you can also use in your business.

And, listen to the way that Bryan’s agency pulls together buyer personas – they have a different take on it.

3 lessons…

  • Be customer centric – everything should be done with the customer in mind. This applies whether you’re a one man show or a Fortune 500
  • Test everything. Amazon run hundreds of tests every month, constantly looking for better ways to serve their customers.
  • Figure out where there is friction in the buying process and focus on smoothing it out.


Promote your B2B software on Facebook

How to Grow Your SaaS Startup with Facebook Ads
45 mins

Most people associate Facebook ads with promoting B2C products. But it can also work surprisingly well in B2B markets – as you’ll hear in this interview with Aaron Zakowski, owner of a SaaS marketing agency focused on using Facebook advertising.

It’s not as easy to promote B2B on Facebook and many SaaS businesses burn through money with very little to show for it. What you need is a tried and tested framework…

3 lessons…

  • B2B People are people as well – they use Facebook just like everyone else.
  • It’s usually more effective to advertise on mobile (cheaper, bigger audience) but that doesn’t mean your software needs to have a mobile version – Aaron has found that B2B often cross converts on desktop after seeing a mobile ad.
  • Photos of people usually works best for creatives. But not standard stock ones. If you can, use photos of real people in your team. But, as with everything in paid ads – test, test, test.


Succeed in the next recession

It is the best of times for SaaS, what could go wrong?
23 mins

Is the SaaS market saturated?

What happens when we hit the next recession?

I don’t want to end this issue with a downer but Rory O’Driscoll (partner at Scale Venture Partners) offers some thoughts about what might be on the horizon for SaaS markets and what to do about it.

3 lessons…

  • Try to develop software that is used in core business processes (eg accounting systems, CRMs). It’s hard to replace. If you’re integrated into 2 or 3 other systems, it’s unlikely you’re going to churn even in a down market.
  • If you have a “nice to have” product, create a “must have” product that you can sell to the same customer base. Nice to haves are the first to be axed in a downturn.
  • Target customers that are recession proof. 


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