An email about business podcasts. WTF?

Yeah, here’s the deal.

My name is Paul Metcalfe and I listen to a lot of business podcasts 🎧. Way too many.

It all started back in 2013.

I had to drive 5 hours from Geneva to a small town near Milan for a business meeting. No passengers so I needed something to listen to on the journey.

I’d also read 4 hour week work around that time and had been searching for ideas that might fit the Tim Ferriss model.

A few Google searches later and I stumbled across Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income podcast. And, via Pat, I found Entrepreneurs on Fire from John Lee Dumas (both still going strong in podcasting today).

I was addicted immediately. It was like crack for the ears.

On that trip I hammered through episodes back to back. I couldn’t wait for the journey home to continue my immersion into the podcast world.

Since then, podcasts have featured heavily in my day to day life. They’ve helped me in my day job and in my own side projects. I’ve taken inspiration from episodes and step by step "how to’s".

I believe that if you want to build a business, there is no better place than a podcast to get insight and step by step guidance. For free.

But there is a problem today with podcasts. They’re getting popular, which means more and more are getting produced. And there’s a lot of great content.

Too much for mere mortals to listen to everyday.

I wanted someone to send me an email every week with the business podcasts that were worth listening to. With some notes telling me what it was about / why it’s worth my time.

It didn’t really exist, so I started Podboxer.

I take the best podcast episodes I’ve listened to the last few days. The ones that entrepreneurs can use in their business. And add some some notes, drop into an email and send it out. I do this once a week.

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- Paul Metcalfe, Founder
(and editor, designer, content creator, admin, everything really 😀)