4 Things EVERY Customer Wish You Understood About Them w/ Michael Redbord

Mike Redbord of Hubspot joins Ethan Beute on The Customer Experience Podcast.

Customer experience can make or break your business. Especially in a crowded market where there are many options, instead of you. 

Mike and Ethan talk about what customer experience is, the trust gap and steps to raise your customer experience game. And a lot of other tips.

3 lessons…

  • Customer experience is the reality of any one given customer experience. Using reality in the definition is important because the customer’s reality is their reality. Their perception is their perception. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not.
  • Today, you don’t have control over your brand – customers define it. There’s too much readily available, 3rd party information out there for you to control. 
  • Build a culture of sensitivity to the customer experience as you grow. All roles touch on the customer experience even if not customer facing.


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