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$150K with no landing page, Reddit for marketing, perfect buyer personas

Listen to… use Reddit for marketing (if you dare), build up revenue before you build a landing page and find out what makes your buyers tick…

Potential buyers are avoiding you

How to Create 100% Accurate & Detailed Buyer Persona
51 mins

Do you understand your customers? 

Louis on Everyone Hates Marketers thinks that marketers and founders struggle to understand customers.

And in some ways it’s actually become harder to find out what’s going in their heads. Before the internet they had to talk to you to get information. Now, they’re doing everything they can to avoid talking to you. They’re doing their decision making through independent channels.

In this interview with Adele Revella, CEO of the Buyer Persona Institute (yep, a real thing šŸ˜„), you’ll get a lot of tactics to find out what makes your customers tick. And how to build useful personas.

3 lessons…

  • Talk to current customers (talk, not do surveys). Get them to take you through all the steps from realizing they had a problem to purchasing a solution from you. What were they thinking, how did they feel, what did they do?
  • When you get good at customer interviews it’ll only take about 10 calls. You’re unlikely to uncover any new information after this.Ā (this surprised me as doesn’t seem statistically significant)
  • The step by step framework, wording of the questions and links to resources are all very helpful.


Get on the phone

1 year, $150k in revenue… and still no landing page
53 mins

I recently found the Sales For Founders podcast via the Indie Hackers community. I’m enjoying the interviews.

In the latest episode, Jeremy Thiessen talks about how he’s built his new startup to $150K revenue in 12 months. Without a landing page. And, even though it’d only take a couple of hours to get a page published, it makes sense not to have one.

3 lessonsā€¦

  • When you build a landing page, you’re putting all your assumptions out there. In the early stages of a business you need facts. To do that, you’re better off talking to a prospect. Instead of making wrong assumptions, in a place where you can’t control the conversation. Later, when you’ve got facts, build the landing page.
  • Figure out who you’re serving and where they are. Then start calling. Need to have one person who wants this “thing” other than you.
  • When cold calling get to the point. Don’t sell. Ask good, authentic questions. Show that you want to help.


Reddit marketing if you dare

Reddit Marketing Strategies for Those Who Don’t Have Time for Reddit Marketing
13 mins

Reddit is a bit of an enigma to me. I’ve browsed it a few times but that’s about it.

The one thing I do know is blatant marketing is not tolerated by the community. At all.

So I’m intrigued to listen to this episode of Buffer’s podcast, The Science of Social Media, and find out how to use Reddit for marketing.

(side note: the intro music and music break is terrible. I don’t know why they have it)

3 lessonsā€¦

  • Reddit is a great place for research. Find your markets on subreddits and dive down the rabbit hole. See what people are talking about, what’s trending, what questions are being asked and what’s getting attention. With 300 million users, your audience is talking in there somewhere.
  • Respond to questions on your brand or your market. But, be careful to understand the context and be authentic. Be helpful and don’t be a marketer. You can’t show up and promote your stuff.
  • If you want to promote, you can do paid ads. It’s early days and not saturated like other social channels so could be a good place to test for traffic.


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